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Welcome to Chin Music Press

Thanks for stopping by. We're a media company that creates beautiful, engaging and affordable books. We began as a publisher of books on contemporary Japan, expanded to include New Orleans after the levees broke, and we have recently turned our eye to China and Korea. 

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New Releases! New Releases!

White Elephantcover300dpi.jpg White Elephant
Mako Idemitsu

Hiroko, headstrong and irreverent, uses her father's money to move to New York, promising to become a famous artist. Intolerant of weakness in others, she crumbles in the face of her own shortcomings. Sakiko, fragile and unsure in 1960s San Francisco, falls into marriage with a brazen Californian artist. From catty carpooling moms to manipulative stoners, abortions to adultery, White Elephant is a vivid book from a seasoned artist turned writer. Mako Idemitsu, daughter of Rockefelleresque petroleum executive Sazo Idemitsu, reconfigures her own family discord to reflect on the binds of being female in this quietly complex English translation by Juliet Winters Carpenter.

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Bamboocoverfinal.jpg Meet Me at the Bamboo Table: Everyday Meals Everywhere
A.V. Crofts

"Meet Me at the Bamboo Table is a thought-provoking book that challenges you to think about what's on your dinner table in a whole new light." — Simon Majumdar, author of Fed, White, and Blue: Finding America with My Fork, and Judge on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen

In our ever-more-globalized world, how better to connect than with food, and who better to connect us than a chowhound communications professor? Crofts concocts a multimedia feast of photos, “sketchnotes,” and vignettes, inviting us to everything from Thanksgiving in Germany to a Lunar New Year dumpling party in Seattle. The result is a beautiful meditation on how food nourishes community.

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9781634059633-frontcover.jpg Are You an Echo? The Lost Poetry of Misuzu Kaneko
Story by David Jacobson Translations by Sally Ito & Michiko Tsuboi

“A mystery, a quest, a mother and a child, an earthquake and a discovery: Are You An Echo? folds poetry and history into recent events, resurrecting the work of Misuku Kaneko and bringing the gentle grace of her poems to a new generation.”

— Lauren Redniss, author of Radioactive, finalist for the National Book Award

In early-1900s Japan, Misuzu Kaneko grows from precocious bookworm to instantly-beloved children’s poet. But her life ends prematurely, and Misuzu’s work is forgotten. Decades later her poems are rediscovered—just in time to touch a new generation devastated by the tsunami of 2011. This picture book features Misuzu’s life story plus a trove of her poetry in English and the original Japanese.

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Human_Jungle_Cover.jpg The Human Jungle
Cho Chongnae

This sprawling novel about modern China by best-selling author Cho Chongnae is our first foray into Korean literature.

Against a backdrop of rapidly morphing urban landscapes, readers meet migrant workers, Korean manufacturers out to save a few bucks, high-flying venture capitalists, street thugs, and shakedown artists. The picture of China that emerges is at turns unsettling, awe-inspiring, and heart-breaking. Cho deftly portrays a giant awakening to its own raw, volatile, and often uncontrollable power.

The Human Jungle was published as a trilogy of novels in Korean, each of which sold more than one million copies. Translators Bruce Fulton and Ju-Chan Fulton have combined these into a single English-language edition. The book will be available in our Pike Place Market and online stores in the second half of August and in bookstores around the world soon after that.

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SeeingtheLightCover300dpi.jpg Seeing the Light: Four Decades in Chinatown
Photos & essays by Dean Wong

Dean Wong's masterful street photography has been celebrated in the New York Times, the South China Morning Post and closer to home here in Seattle. He captures the poignancy of life in North American Chinatowns since the 1970s with a deft touch and a compassionate eye. 

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KOW cover final.jpg King of the Worlds
M. Thomas Gammarino

Our first sci-fi novel, King of the Worlds: The Lost Years of Dylan Green, is hot off the presses. You'll find it in bookstores in late April, but we have the book now. Entropy just gave it a terrific review, saying his style has hints of "Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace ... These represent some of the funniest aspects of a novel that takes its fun pretty seriously."

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