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Thanks for stopping by. We're a media company that creates beautiful, engaging and affordable books. We began as a publisher of books on contemporary Japan, expanded to include New Orleans after the levees broke, and we have recently turned our eye to China and Korea.

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New Releases! New Releases!

9781634059022.01.jpg Why Ghosts Appear
A novel by Todd Shimoda with artwork by LJC Shimoda

Todd Shimoda's noir thriller Why Ghosts Appear is here! We're offering free shipping in North America and reduced shipping everywhere else through Halloween.

Check out the book trailer and website here.

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sun-gods-coverFINAL.jpg The Sun Gods
A novel by Jay Rubin

Arriving in Seattle on the eve of World War II, Japanese-born Mitsuko falls for Tom, a widowed pastor, and quickly bonds with his fair-haired son. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor strains their relations as war hysteria and race prejudice rise.

This debut novel by famed translator Jay Rubin spans several decades and takes us from Seattle to the Minidoka Internment Camp and eventually to Japan as the minister's son tries to piece together his troubled past. Signed copies are available in our store.

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coverrevised.jpg Gang of Four
Bob Santos and Gary Iwamoto

This is a story of how four Seattle leaders from diverse racial communities -- Roberto Maestas, Bernie Whitebear, Bob Santos and Larry Gossett -- came together through struggle to fight for civil rights and social change. Through that struggle, they developed life-long friendships and bonds and changed the face of Seattle. The book is written by Bob Santos and Gary Iwamoto.

Chin Music Press is offering free shipping in the US for this title for a limited time. All the books shipped through our store will be signed by Bob Santos.

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HanCover.jpg Han in the Upper Left
The Korean American Historical Society

This book tells the many stories of Korean immigration to the Pacific Northwest, from men who worked in the Alaskan fishing canneries in the early 1900s to the immigrants of today who more often than not earn a bachelor's degree or higher. The struggles and successes of these Korean Americans are captured in words and photos in this handsome volume. 

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enfu.jpg Enfu: Cute Grit

“Other than watching an octopus make love to a rainbow, I can’t think of anything I’d rather stare at than this book.” --Matt Inman, The Oatmeal

“I look forward to the day when I’ll see the Enfu universe printed on handbags, hoodies, and yoga pants; in the form of blind box figures, limited edition pillows and slip-on sneakers; and part of pop-up shops, hand-painted murals and vinyl-wrapped jets. Yet for the moment, the Enfu universe is summed up in this book. It’s a small peek into [Enfu’s] hard work and a leap into his dreams.” -Eric Nakamura, Giant Robot.

Cute Grit is the debut collection of digitally designed pop art by Japanese American artist Enfu. So named for its fanciful, yet edgy style, this comprehensive compilation of hundreds of colorful illustrations merges childlike imagination with serious exploration of Asian American identity.

Check out this trailer for Cute Grit, and you can watch the Seattle Channel Community Stories documentary here.

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Yureiblack.jpg Yurei: The Japanese Ghost
Zack Davisson

Combining his lifelong interest in Japanese tradition and his personal experiences with these vengeful spirits, author Zack Davisson launches an investigation into the origin, popularization, and continued existence of yurei. Juxtaposing historical documents and legends against contemporary yurei-based horror films such as The Ring, Davisson explores the persistence of this paranormal phenomenon in modern day Japan and its continued spread throughout the West. This book promises to be the definitive title on the subject.

For a taste of the book, visit Davisson’s website Zack also lent his ghostly expertise to the “Lost Souls of Okinawa” episode of Nat Geo’s series “I Wouldn’t Go in There.” If you want to hear more about the book and stay up-to-date on Zack’s events, sign up for our monthly newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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