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Thanks for stopping by. We're a media company that creates beautiful, engaging and affordable books. We began as a publisher of books on contemporary Japan, expanded to include New Orleans after the levees broke, and we have recently turned our eye to China and Korea.

Check out what the media is saying about our new Pike Place digs -- The Stranger, Publishers Weekly, The SunBreak, and City Arts. Our store hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 - 5 or by appointment.

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New Releases! New Releases!

SeeingtheLightCover300dpi.jpg Seeing the Light: Four Decades in Chinatown
Photos & essays by Dean Wong

Dean Wong's masterful street photography has been celebrated in the New York Times, the South China Morning Post and closer to home here in Seattle. He captures the poignancy of life in North American Chinatowns since the 1970s with a deft touch and a compassionate eye. 

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KOW cover final.jpg King of the Worlds
M. Thomas Gammarino

Our first sci-fi novel, King of the Worlds: The Lost Years of Dylan Green, is hot off the presses. You'll find it in bookstores in late April, but we have the book now. Entropy just gave it a terrific review, saying his style has hints of "Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace ... These represent some of the funniest aspects of a novel that takes its fun pretty seriously."

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Persimmon_Trail (1).jpg The Persimmon Trail and Other Stories
Juyanne James

A stunning collection that depicts the brutal beauty of the Louisiana bayou and the people who struggle to survive there.

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LastLight_Cover.jpg The Last Light
Elizabeth Sanders

Middle-aged Walter Doucet returns to Vacherie, Louisiana, and his low-country roots to build the family’s last competing Christmas Eve bonfire.

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9781634059022.01.jpg Why Ghosts Appear
A novel by Todd Shimoda with artwork by LJC Shimoda

Todd Shimoda's noir thriller Why Ghosts Appear is here! We're offering free shipping in North America and reduced shipping everywhere else through Halloween.

Check out the book trailer and website here.

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sun-gods-coverFINAL.jpg The Sun Gods
A novel by Jay Rubin

Arriving in Seattle on the eve of World War II, Japanese-born Mitsuko falls for Tom, a widowed pastor, and quickly bonds with his fair-haired son. But the bombing of Pearl Harbor strains their relations as war hysteria and race prejudice rise.

This debut novel by famed translator Jay Rubin spans several decades and takes us from Seattle to the Minidoka Internment Camp and eventually to Japan as the minister's son tries to piece together his troubled past. Signed copies are available in our store.

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