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Pike Place Location Opening and Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy Open House
July 28, 2014 (1)

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Blog Entry
Pike Place Location Opening and Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy Open House
July 28, 2014

Just over a week ago, we opened the doors to our new Pike Place Location, and kicked off the occasion with an open house for our brand-spanking-new title, Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy. The book is a surreal and hilarious collection of photography and poetry by Japanese renaissance man Yoshinori Henguchi. The book, totally bilingual, comes to an English-language audience thanks to the translational stylings of David Michael Ramirez II. Mike, as he likes to be called, stopped in for the open house, sitting front and center in our new showroom to sign books. As he scrawled his name and a few personalized notes in each copy, he slipped in packets of green tea ("so you can enjoy it as it should be enjoyed"), and made conversation with passerby and friends of the press.

Lizard Telepathy

Down on the third floor, away from the crush of the main market, a quiet trickle of writers, readers, and browsers wandered in to enjoy the chalk art and the reading material. We welcomed them with a snack scavenger hunt - pocky hidden in zine baskets and shrimp crackers tucked behind stacks of Shiro copies. The casual event was one of only a few we'll have in the U.S.; come August and September, however, we'll be storming Japan with plenty of parties and signings. More details on that to come.

Lizard Telepathy

If you want to hear what others have to say about the open house and our Pike Place digs, you can check out The Stranger, Publishers Weekly, The SunBreak, and City Arts.

You can find out more about Lizard Telepathy Fox Telepathy here.

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Lee Witte
Wow, sounds fantastic, and in such a cool market. Next time I'm in Seattle, I will stop by. Save a couple of Pocky for me!