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"What's your favorite Katrina book?" a friend asked me last week. And I really couldn't say. They're all different, each fulfilling a personal vision, each adding something to our common narrative. Sometimes my favorite book is a little anthology, "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?," a gorgeous little small-press title edited by University of New Orleans English professor David Rutledge."
— Susan Larson, The Times-Picayune


"So lovely to look at, so pleasant to hold, with a bit of intrique or insight on every page."
The Times-Picayune


"In future evacuations, this is the book to throw in the suitcase."
The Simon


* DYK II: A new hardback edition

In October 2008, we released a redesigned and refreshed version of Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans? We took the unusual step of reissuing the book as a hardback edition because we wanted to offer an even more aesthetically stunning version of the original book, which was put together in just 90 days and officially released before Mardi Gras in February 2006. When we published the anthology after the levees broke, speed was of the essence. We were one of the first publishers to respond to the debacle in New Orleans because we felt the urgency of our mission. We haven稚 changed a word because the writers need to be read in context: They wrote their essays without knowing if their city would be saved. But the art and the design and the paper quality have all been refurbished and refreshed. We rebuilt the book while the Gulf Coast struggled to rebuild itself.

* Our Blog: Voices of New Orleans

Publishing this book made us committed to telling the continuing story of New Orleans, so we launched a blog that continues to draw readers from around the world. Check it out here. For more about Chin Music Press, check out our Adventures in Publishing blog.

* The Collection

A New Book by Chin Music Press

Title: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?
ISBN: 0-9741995-1-6

New Orleans is a complex American city that is in dire need of help. Katrina and corporate greed threaten to wash away its nuances, and that is why Chin Music Press decided to gather the voices of the Crescent City in a special volume of essays, art and information. Inside Do You Know, you'll find the rage of a people treated by their own government like an "ugly, unwanted stepchild," as Toni McGee Causey puts it, but you'll also find laughter as boy scouts navigate a Mardi Gras parade or as a rather bookish professor steps onto Bourbon Street for the first time. Do You Know takes the reader back to the New Orleans of yesteryear with 19th century engravings of the city and musings from writers, such as British geologist Charles Lyell's reflections on the 1846 Fat Tuesday: "We saw persons armed with bags of flour, which they showered down copiously on anyone who seemed particularly proud of his attire."

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* The Contributors

Craig Mod Crescent City
David Rutledge Corners of the Quarter
Bill Lavender/John Gravois We're Getting Out of Here
Jason Berry The Holy City of New Orleans
Toni McGee Causey Where Grace Lives
Colleen Mondor Listen to the Second Line
Sarah K. Inman A Lesson from Below
Dar Wolnik Food Will Save Us
Ray Shea I Was A Teenage Float Grunt
C. W. Cannon The New Orleans Manifesto
Rex Noone Professor Stevens Goes to Mardi Gras

Plus, Steve Quinn on New Orleans after the storm, Juliette Kernion's movie memories, Walt Whitman on the oyster vendors, Wynton Marsalis, Aaron Neville, Barbara Bush, Mark Twain and FEMA's advice to Michael Brown in the midst of the flooding: Roll up your sleeves!

* Press Mentions

Wordstorm, Times-Picayune, August 2006

A damaged city, alone struggling, Toronto Star, August 2006

Louisiana Book News, The Daily Advertiser, August 2006

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Do You Know, Cover

Chapter Spread

The House On Royal Street Spread

The Crescent City, Stats and Map

The Crescent City

* Production Details

* 160 pages
* bound in kivar, 2 color foil stamping
* smythe sewn binding
* sewn-in bookmark
* 10 ninteenth-century engravings
* little floating stars
* several delicious recipes

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