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October 25, 2017

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December 15, 2016

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Yet Another Thing about Pokemon GO
Grant Liebel
July 17th, 2016

That's right folks, it’s too late for us too. Already the latest smart-phone craze has infected our office, turning at least one of us (me) into a Pokemon-catching maniac. In my defense, I was raised on Pokemon; training is in my blood, nay my soul, so it made sense that I would already be lost to the AR app. Still, it is a little bit startling to see just HOW BIG this thing has gotten. Every day when I walk into work there are people checking their surroundings, looking at their phones, and swiping to catch the invisible Pokemon around them. More amazing is that every single news channel, paper, magazine, and blog seems to be reporting on Pokemon of all things. It's one of those phenomena that in theory would only draw a certain crowd, but in practice manages to consume everyone’s time and phone battery.

However, I for one welcome our new Pokemon GO overlords; I think I’ve learned more about local landmarks in the first week of having this silly app than during my years living in the area! That’s because Pokemon GO has strategically placed “Pokestops” at interesting landmarks, causing trainers to initially visit only for the free stuff these stops provide, but then encourages them to stick around as the stop recharges and take in the sights. The most popular stops near us are Pike Place Market, Post Alley, and The Original Starbucks. This can go further with Gyms, landmarks that have now become hotly contested territory as trainers fight each other for glory and a sort of ownership of the location. The biggest Gym near us is, unexpectedly, The Gum Wall, which boasts a leader with an insanely strong Vaporeon, so they will probably stick (bu dum tiss) around for a while. With Gyms and Pokestops working in tandem, people hunting for Pokemon now can experience the city they never really knew about.

(Home Sweet Home)

Unfortunately, things are not all perfect in the world of Pokemon. The Pokemon GO app, unlike similar mapping apps like Geocache, has no “geo-fences” in place, spawning Pokemon in both dangerous and rude locations. Already there have been several reported injuries of people who see a Pokemon they just HAVE to have and pay the consequence for their recklessness. This drive has also caused trainers to invade private places, such as homes or even funerals, which is seriously not okay. No matter how much you want that Electabuzz, any good trainer should follow the warning placed in the very beginning of the game: Pay attention to your surroundings!

For good or ill, Pokemon GO has made a splash in a big way and will probably stick around for at least another month. Or forever. Probably somewhere in the middle of those two time spans. The point is that if you suddenly feel the burning need to collect colorful monsters on your daily walk, I would recommend giving Pokemon GO a try! And it is also important to note that the Chin Music Press Showroom is conveniently located directly between two Pokestops and gets access to both of them at the same time (one of them usually has a pokemon lure on it as well). So if you are looking to get ahead in the game, consider dropping by to catch Pokemon with us!

                           (Go Team Valor!)    

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